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Why Choose Us?

Our spa quality blends include a skin care line, wellness lotions & creams, bath & shower products, moisturizing hand sanitizers, essential oil diffuser blends, and aromatic room & linen sprays. Our products are created in small control batches in the lovely and historic village of Merrickville, Ontario. We only use top tier ingredients sourced within North America. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service and satisfaction. We are always here to help and answer any questions you have. Is there an aromatherapy product you would like us to create? Something you can’t seem to find anywhere in Canada? Drop us a line or contact us to chat! We like hearing from you!

Both my Mom and I are loving the eye cream! It is so smooth and you don't need to use a lot when applying it ... it feels so refreshing on your skin!! We both love it!!!

D.F., Gatineau, QC
Loving the Eye Spa Cucumber & Rose Cream

Seriously folks this product is amazing. During an afternoon in Merrickville I was drawn into a small boutique that had the most wonderful aroma coming from inside. I was greeted by a warm and friendly lady who creates all the products herself. She is an aroma therapist and creates all the beautiful natural products she sells. I was excited find this magnesium cream as I struggle with sleep due to chronic pain. Well... last night I slept like a baby thanks to this beauty of a product.

J.M., Ottawa, ON
Premium Magnesium Body Cream

This hand sanitizer is so smooth and leaves no sticky residue. It smells lovely. My daughter, who is an expert in essential oils, was very impressed. Highly recommended!

S.H., Sarasota, Florida
En Garde! Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

This is the best cream for my face. It helps with wrinkles and age spots. I bought a jar of this when I was at the Christmas fair in Merrickville and I have ordered two more jars since then.

MEB, Gatineau, QC
Loving the Intense Hydration Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

About Us

Ivy Sinkunas/ Bruce Perron

Entrepreneurial Artisans

Ivy and Bruce (a.k.a. Bad Bunny) are the artisans behind the I&B co brand. As soulmates, best friends and spouses, we support and enlighten each other equally in all endeavors. Together, we created the new company name, its branding and new exciting products. 

Ivy's love of essential oils and their benefits combined with a thirst for knowledge prompted further study in Aromatherapy to learn all about "how they work and inter-relate. The result is an array of luscious scents that entice the senses and warm the soul.

Our aromatherapy products include a skin care line, wellness creams and lotions, bath and shower products and more. Our products are created in small batches and made at our lab/studio in historic Merrickville, Ontario. We only use top tier ingredients sourced within North America.

Our lifestyle is that of explorers and adventurers. As trained photographers we learned to stop and notice life's smallest treasures to its grandest triumphs. 

We live, we love, we learn and we enjoy.


I&B co Skin Care Essentials are sold at:

Merrickville Drug Mart (Pharma Choice)

Ottawa Artisans Stores at Bayshore, St. Laurent and Tanger Outlets Shopping Centres